Principles of Leadership According to Rabbi Plutchok

Leadership is one of the characteristics of a true Rabbi. The Rabbi is the person or say tutor who guides the individuals towards the actual path of life which heads towards God. This means he carries the leadership of directing everyone to the laws and principles of Jewish religion.
But how does a Rabbi carry out this task with ease and perfection? To answer this, let’s move to a famous Rabbi who is a role model for his learners and other Jews who are getting trained to become a Rabbi.

Rabbi Plutchok is very strict on behaving according to the principles of a Rabbi. He truly believes and follows the rules laid for the Rabbis according to the Jewish principles. According to him, there are few principles of leadership too on which a Rabbi needs to work as below: 

·         Leadership initiates with responsibilities
     According to Rabbi Plutchok, leadership brings along with itself bundles of responsibilities. When you are leading a group, you are also carrying the responsibility of it that they are not driven to any wrong direction. The job of a Rabbi is to guide the people to the actual path of laws making sure they do not preach anything wrong.

·         Leadership involves team work
Leading each and every Jewish to the correct path is not the job of a single person. There is team work required to carry on the task easily or smoothly. Henceforth, the Rabbis also need to work in a team to guide the people to the actual path. Preaching Jews would include tasks like vision, getting ideas, religious leader, political leader, etc. The more people leading the group, the more it would be easy to work.

·         Leadership requires visualization
Rabbi Plutchok meets with several people in a day who want reliable solutions to their queries. People come with their personal disturbances related to marriage life, financial, business, etc. As a good listener, Plutchok listens to all the problems, but while answering them, they need to have a deep and future visual. They need to think about all aspects which requires the effect of their solution in the future. Thus, a leader should not only think of the current situation, but future results also.
Rabbi Plutchok is a great leader, according the priests, Rabbis, learners, etc. who have met him once. He carries his co-Rabbis and students to the correct direction gifting them nearness to God.